Iittala Aalto Vase 251mm in BLACK A Collector's Item


The 251mm Aalto Vase in Black - A collector's item...

Iittala have evolved the Aalto vase range with sublime results and this black version looks stunning! These taller designs are great for use with longer stemmed flowers and maintain those iconic curves that have stood the test of time. The Blueberry Blue Aalto vase is a great addition to the Iittala range and is now a collector's item, thanks to the fact that the limited production run has now ended.

The true inspiration behind this legendary shape is somewhat vague and ambiguous. Theories range from the more obvious world of modernist abstract painting and sculpture, through to the more abstract shorelines of Finland's fjords, or the captivating shape of a puddle.

The design first appeared at the 1936 World Fair under the eye-catching title of 'The Eskimo Woman's Leather Breeches,' which either leads to another sphere of influence, or reveals that Aalto was creating a sense of fun with the design, depending upon your viewpoint.

It would later become known as the Savoy vase, after the name of a new luxury restaurant in Helsinki that opened in 1937. Alvar Aalto together with his wife Aino designed custom furnishings and fixtures and the organically shaped vase took pride of place.

Could views like these have been the influence behind many of Aalto's designs? His designs such as the Paimio chair display great cohesion and design flair.

The beautiful free-form lines of this stunning vase still look as fresh and contemporary today, as they did back in the thirties. In many ways, it contains the quintessential qualities of Finnish design: originality, straightforwardness, and aesthetic sophistication.

Apparently, Aalto added to the enigmatic quality of the Savoy vase by never demonstrating how his glass designs should be used, instead he wanted the user to decide. This is an interesting perspective that offers a freedom of expression and imagination to every owner. Alternatively, he may have acted in this manner because he wasn't very good at flower arranging?

That distinctive Aalto form can be practical for may uses, from fruit bowl to ice bucket and even as a vase...

Who knows? Who cares! This is a true design icon and every design conscious home should have at least one. The Aalto Vase can be displayed as a group, or as a piece of art in its own right.

This beautiful blueberry blue evolution of the Aalto design is a great addition to the range. A pleasure to own and this is the perfect gift for any occasion.

Each lead-free crystal piece is mouth-blown into a mould and hand-polished. Please note that this item is not dishwasher safe.

Product Code: 110116
Dimensions: 251 x 140 x 170mm
Finish-Type: Gloss
Material: Hand-blown glass

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