Alvar Aalto is a renowned Finnish designer and architect. He designed numerous significant buildings in his native Finland as well as some important pieces of furniture and glass wear. He designed and created one of his most iconic pieces, the Aalto vase, later to be alternately known as the Savoy vase after its use in the renowned restaurant in Helsinki, in 1937. 

The Aalto vase is an iconic piece of glass wear that has become world famous because of its beauty and design versatility. Many people have speculated about the meaning behind Aalto's classic design but the true inspiration is vague and open to interpretation. Some believe the design is based on the abstract shoreline of Finland, others that it is based on a woman's flowing dress. 

The Alvar Aalto vase is a versatile design piece. Aalto designed the vase with freedom in mind, offering people the opportunity to choose the type, colour and arrangement of flowers to be held. The vase has also been manufactured in a broad range of colours to further enhance the design options. 

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