This Finnish design powerhouse is one of the champions of the modern design era and produces some of the most iconic and desirable designs available today.

Iittala believe in the creation of durable design classics and is opposed to built-in obsolescence and ‘throwawayism’. This philosophy becomes more relevant everyday and is the only sensible choice for a more sustainable society.

Aalto Vase

Iittala has been around since 1881 and was at the forefront of supporting the inspiring new wave of designers who forged a new era for Finnish design. These principles are continued today and expand beyond pure functionalism to include the qualities of essentialism and emotionalism. That sounds like a lot of 'ism's doesn’t it… It basically means that the designs are created to be aesthetically and functionally durable, bringing enjoyment and pleasure to daily life.

Iittala Glasses

The Iittala collection boasts some of the some of the greatest designers of the modern era including Tapio Wirkkala, Göran Hongell, Nanny Still, Aino Aalto and the inimitable Alvar Aalto.

With iconic designs such as the Aalto Savoy vase, the Tapio and Aarne glassware collections and the Aalto Savoy vase, the Mango cutlery set in the Iittala stable, it is easy to understand why this is such a renowned brand.

Mango Cutlery

It is only natural that all objects in daily use will not last forever, they might encounter a tumble and break, or be used in an unsuccessful display of juggling prowess. Have no fear - All of Iittala’s designs are created to be combinable, even though all variations might not be offered all the time, any new purchases will still fit with existing and future Iittala objects. This allows you to build and refresh your own personal Iittala collection endlessly over time.

Iittala – Great Designs, Great Designers, Great Brand...