Alessi has become a byword for design excellence and is revered around the world as a brand of innovation and style. This Italian Design House is renowned for creating designs that go way beyond their functional requirements and has a design heritage that is second to none.

The collection contains an astonishing number of iconic designs that have influenced generations of designers and brought pleasure to a wealth of customers over the decades.


Alessi Products


The company originally dates back to 1921 when Giovanni Alessi and his team worked using artisan production techniques. In no time at all the team were producing beautiful pieces of home ware for themselves and their reputation had begun to grow.

Since the 1940’s designers from various disciplines have been invited to push the boundaries of manufacturing techniques and create designs that often leave the competition scratching their heads with amazement.

It is this variety of design input that keeps the brand alive and pulsing with creative energy and new ideas. This is a company that can blur the boundaries between art and design and allow designers to fully express their visions. Look at the Pito Kettle by Frank Ghery for example and try to imagine another company that could produce such a striking piece of design.


Alessi Kitchen


Alessi also makes high quality design more accessible to customers with engaging and often anthropomorphic designs that are sure to raise a smile. Take the Cico Egg Cup by Stefano Giovannoni as a good example – engaging to adults and children alike and priced at a figure that won’t break the bank.

Respect and sensitivity to great designs from the past is also shown by this impressive Italian Design Factory. Influential and iconic designs from the past are also kept alive by Alessi such as the 90029 Christopher Dresser toast rack, or the 90021 cocktail shaker by Sylvia Stave and the La Tavola di Babele sugar and cream set by Marianne Brandt.

The company remains close to it's artisan roots and utilise the development and progress in manufacturing methods to aid their abilities rather than increase production rates and profit margins – This is a company that cares about design.


Alessi Gifts


Alberto Alessi and his team are clearly passionate about what they do and their technical prowess has lead to them being described as the ‘Masters of Metal’. The Alessi collection boasts some of the biggest names in the design world such as Aldo Rossi, Ron Arad, Philippe Starck, Richard Sapper, Michael Graves, Ettore Sottsass, Mario Botta, and many more. There are several key players in their designer stable that include the prolific Stefano Giovannoni, an explosive talent with many high profile designs under his belt. Alessi are fiercely protective of the brand and maintain a continuation of high quality design at a fair price. It is this mentality that has created a following as loyal as the Ferrari Tifosi and long may it continue.


These designs are created to last; they enrich the lives of their owners and make the perfect gift for any occasion.

If Alessi was a football team it would display all the flair and creative skill of Brazil. If the company was a Formula 1 team their heritage, technical prowess and winning passion would drive them to success like Ferrari. If  Alessi was an indoor bowls team - Hang on a minute, that's enough of that analogy!...