Eva Solo Outdoor Digital Thermometer

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An appealingly Scandinavian way of creating an outdoor thermometer -

Who doesn't enjoy being able to comment on the temperature outside whilst enjoying the warm and toasty environment of your home. Yes, we Brits do enjoy commenting on the weather and knowing it's -5' outside as you warm your behind at the fire makes it feel just that bit cosier.

Eva Solo have created a design to do just that - the outdoor digital thermometer is an aesthetically pleasing as you would expect from a piece of modern Scandinavian design and sits on the outside pane of your window so that you can see it at any time without braving the cold or searching for the binoculars.

The design team have used a clever system of sticking a metal ring to the window and then having the main body of the thermometer attach to the ring by magnets - Simple and effective.

Naturally we've taken this little fella for a test run and found it to be a great design - One word of warning though. Do not place on a southern facing window because the sun heating up the unit will give unreliable readings.

A great gift for that person that is difficult to buy for...

Product Code: Eva Solo 567768
Dimensions: H: 10.0cm, W: 10,0cm, D: 5.0cm
Material: Steel ring, plastic housing, rubber top cover

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