Alessi FGO01GP Minou Hand Bag Holder, Golden Pink


A golden pink twist to the must-have accessory for handbag lovers -

Ever wondered where to put your handbag when enjoying yourself at a restaurant, café or bar? Ponder no longer – and put the ever so chic Alessi Minou in your bag for such an occasion.

The Minou was designed for Alessi by Frederic Gooris in 2010 and provides another impressive creation for the Alessi stable. This is the latest golden pink iteration of the charming design.

This compact design simply sits near the edge of the table and you hang your bag on the tail, keeping it away from dirty floors and tempted thieves.

This compact design is crafted from high quality stainless steel and will slip inconspicuously into your bag until needed. Naturally, you may feel the need to buy that bag you have been promising yourself now that it will be on display to your friends when you sit down.

Product Code: Alessi FGO01 GP
Dimensions: Length: 10.6cm, Width: 6.0cm
Materials: 18/10 Stainless Steel with PVD coating
Finish: Polished

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