Alessi A9095/6, La Cupola Espresso Coffee Maker 6 Cup, Aldo Rossi


Aldo Rossi's much admired espresso coffee maker -

The arrival of the espresso maker in the 1930’s brought a minor revolution to coffee drinking. This innovative process offered quick preparation, concentrated flavour and intense aroma by passing water vertically upwards through the coffee grounds.

The espresso coffee maker has over the years become synonymous with Mediterranean chic and more importantly – great tasting coffee.

It should come as no surprise that the iconic La Cupola espresso maker was designed by Italian, Aldo Rossi in 1985. La Cupola is part of a family of designs that Rossi created during his long association with Alessi. Each has achieved classic status in its own right and all are exquisitely crafted by Alessi.

This superb coffee maker is the larger 6 cup model and is made of cast aluminium with a black polyamide handle. The boiler has a thick flanged aluminium base to guarantee even heat distribution and shield the body from flame. The machined base will also sit perfectly on electric and ceramic hobs.

Rossi was clearly passionate about both design and coffee and the quality of his work in this area is second to none.

Product Code: Alessi A9095/6 B
Finish-Type: Gloss
Material: Aluminium Casting, Handle and Knob in Polyamide.

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