Alessi 01 B Cronotime Clock in BLACK

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An timeless design that is keeps perfect time -

Alessi have reintroduced the iconic Cronotime Clock for us all to enjoy once more. Pio Manzu’s striking design first arrived in the 1960’s and it is easy to reference its influence on many successful designs since.

The inherent bold simplicity of the design is perpetually appealing and Alessi’s renowned build quality is simply the icing on the cake.

Alessi Cronotime 01 text image at Dream Icons

Pio Manzu's playful and iconic design.

The design consists of two tubular pieces that can rotate around each other. Manzu also enable the clock face to turn which enable the owner to adjust the shape of the base and angle of the clock face to whatever the owner desires – simple and very effective.

An ideal table clock for home or office and great gift for those who enjoy classic designs...

Product Code: Alessi 01 B
Dimensions: H: 8.5cm, D: 7.0cm
Finish-Type: Gloss
Material: ABS plastic

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