Spore BIG RING Chime LARGE in white


The bigger sibling of the Ring Chime -

This is the largest of the 'Ring' doorbell designs and continues to complement the Spore doorbell push range, providing an appealing 'ding-dong' sound when activated.

Manufactured to a high quality, the 20-gauge bell has a deep colourful finish. It's bigger in diameter and depth

This appealing design is easy to install and works with most existing and new doorbell systems.

Please note: This is not a complete doorbell system - it is only the chime. A Doorbell push, low voltage power transformer, and bell wire are required if you are creating a completely new system.

Power Required: 12-16 Volts AC, 6-12 Volts DC

Please note: This unit will not work very well with an 8V Transformer

Product Code: CHBR-W
Dimensions: H:5.1cm, 15.9cm
Material: 20 Gauge Bell & Aluminium

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