Spore BIG RING Chime LARGE in Tangerine Red


The bigger sibling of the Ring Chime -

It's bigger and it's redder than the other 'Ring' doorbell designs and continues to complement the Spore doorbell push range, providing an appealing 'ding-dong' sound when activated.

Manufactured to a high quality, the 20-gauge bell has a deep colourful finish. It's bigger in diameter and depth than it's smaller siblings and that colour really does grab the eye.

This appealing design is easy to install and works with most existing and new doorbell systems. According to Spore, the Ring chimes are compatible with many video doorbells, including Nest and Ring systems.

Please note: This is not a complete doorbell system - it is only the chime. A Doorbell push, low voltage power transformer, and bell wire are required if you are creating a completely new system.

Power Required: 12-16 Volts AC, 6-12 Volts DC

Please note: This unit will not work very well with an 8V Transformer

Product Code: CHBR-T
Dimensions: H:5.1cm, 15.9cm
Material: 20 Gauge Bell & Aluminium

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