Eva Solo Sauvignon Blanc Wine Glass, 1 PIECE


Eva Solo have created a stunning wine glass range that can be used for special occasions or every day -

Looking sharper than and just as opulent as a piece of Haute Couture by Yves San Laurent, these gorgeous wine glasses are dressed to impress.

These eye catching designs have been created to do more than just please the eye. They have been designed in collaboration with wine connoisseurs to enhance the special qualities of the different grapes varieties.

That distinctive rim is angled at 14 degrees to provide a fuller wine drinking experience. The angled rim makes it easier to drink from the glass and inhale the wine’s aroma. The finishing edge on the rim reveals exquisite detailing and allows the wine to be fully savoured.

There are several designs in this appealing range and each has been created to enhance the experience of each grape variety. As Rune Elkjær from Norma wine import explains:

‘It is extremely important that you think about functionality when designing wineglasses. Of course the design needs to be visually appealing, but functionality is crucial to enjoy wine to the full.’

‘The wineglass for mellow red wines with considerable finesse such as Burgundies is wide and capacious to permit greater oxidation, while glasses for darker, more compact wines such as Shiraz are narrower and taller so the aromas leave a more concentrated sense of the wine’s complexity.’

You don’t have to be a wine aficionado to appreciate these wonderful designs. These wonderful glasses are equally suited to those who may say something along the lines of ‘Reminiscent of clean seashells on an ocean beach,’ as they are to those who are more inclined towards Eric Morecombe’s 'Cheeky...with thick ankles...’

Product Code: EV541006
Dimensions: H:22.0 cm, Diameter: 7.6 cm,
Finish-Type: Gloss
Material: Glass

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