Alessi FGO04 Savon du Chef


Odour removing chef soap for all those budding chefs out there -

One of the most charming designs in the Alessi 2012 collections is the Savon du Chef (chef soap) created by Frederic Gooris with a smidgen of assistance from Fabrice Leclerc. Eliminate those pungent food aromas such as garlic and onion with this distinctive and incredibly tactile little design.

The well practiced method of rubbing your hands with a piece of satin steel has been shown to be an effective way of getting rid of unwanted strong smells after chopping away in the kitchen. After cooking simply rub this steel Savon du Chef through your hands under cold running water and harmony will be restored once more to your hands.

Alessi Spaghetti Measure text image at Dream Icons

Enjoy the flavours and remove any pungent garlic or onion aromas from your hands with the Alessi Savon du Chef

Shaped like a large flattened bulb of garlic this design is a good example of form following function. The rounded shape of the base and subtle undulations of the main body allow the Savon du Chef slide easily through your hands whilst giving them a thorough clean and removing those pungent odours. The pointed end also has a glossy finish and can be used to clean under your nails.

Once again Alessi show the design world how to inject a sense of Joie de vivre to the most utilitarian of household objects – and long may it continue…

Product Code: FGO04
Dimensions: H: 6.5cm, W: 7.0cm, D:3.0cm
Finish-Type: Brushed Finish
Material: 18/10 Stainless Steel

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