Alessi - American / Boston Cocktail Shaker


The original and still the best cocktail shaker...

As we all know ‘Necessity is the mother of all invention’ and if legend is to be believed then this is proved to be the case for the exceptional Alessi 5050 cocktail shaker. It is said to have been created towards the end of the 19th century by an innovative (but sadly unknown) barman on board a transatlantic liner sailing between Boston and Europe.

The Alessi Boston / American cocktail shaker - the original and still the best...

This is a beautifully crafted design and still very highly rated by professional barmen. This Alessi version was created by Etorre Sottsass (with the help of Alberto Gozzi) in the late 70's and it is still used in may high-quality bars and hotels around the world today.

The 5050 cocktail shaker consists of two parts that fit one into the other: a large stainless steel tumbler (rendered flexible by a special strain-hardening operation) and a tumbler in very thick glass. The stainless steel tumbler can also be used as a mixing glass for cocktails with dry liqueurs, while the shaker is used for dense liqueurs.

So enjoy! - and as your liquid delight arrives in the glass don’t forget to toast the cocktail shaker's enigmatic creator…

Product Code: Alessi 5050

Dimensions: Height: 28.0cm, Diameter: 9.0cm, Capacity: 50cl

Finish-Type: Mirror finish on the outside, matt on the inside

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