Alessi Anna G Corkscrew Galla Placidia Limited Edition

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Special edition of the classic Anna G corkscrew from Alessi, in polyamide -

The Anna G corkscrew is a great example of how to playfully anthropomorphise a functional household tool and create a design icon in the process. Alessandro Mendini executed such a skillful job that the corkscrew is instantly recognizable as a piece of Alessi design and has been a fantastic sales success for the company.

Apparently, it was Alberto Alessi who noticed that the design looked a lot like one of Mendini's friends, the designer Anna Gili.

Anna Gili - the original Anna G?

Alessi says - 'The attraction of the lights, colours and mosaic vaults of the small mausoleum in Ravenna, Italy, dedicated to the Roman empress Galla Placidia, has inspired Alessandro Mendini to play with shapes and colours, giving the corkscrews this artful and bright new look.' 

This version of the classic design has the main housing made from polyamide and other components from chrome plated zamak (a reassuringly heavy and robust metal alloy). It is very efficient and easy to use and always popular as a gift. The rolled steel screw is PTFE treated for easier insertion into the cork and those long arms provide extra leverage.

Playful and practical, Anna G is the perfect house guest...

Product Code: Alessi AM01 100
Dimensions: H: 24.5cm, Dia: 7.0cm
Material: Polyamide, Chrome Plated Zamack

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