Alessi NC01/4 Big Shoom Fruit Bowl/Centrepiece, by Nigel Coates

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A stunning design that looks sensational with or without fruit -

Alessi are clearly the masters of the double walled fruit bowl and ‘the big shoom’ is another enticing piece from the portfolio of the Italian design power house.

That double walled design helps to create an object with the visual solidity of a TGV train that actually weighs little more than rather plump sparrow.

The Alessi Double large fruit bowl - Donato D'Urbino, and Paolo Lomazzi have produced a sublimely elegant design that would make a great present for any occasion.

The alluring organic form by Nigel Coates is crafted in mirror polished stainless steel and will provide the perfect place for your ‘5 a day’ to reside in sanctuary.

A wonderful piece (with an obscure name) that looks great with or without the fruit.

A perfect wedding, or anniversary present for those who appreciate good quality design...

Product Code: Alessi NC01/46
Dimensions: L: 46.0cm, H: 7.3cm, D: 29.0cm
Material: 18/10 Mirror Polished Stainless Steel

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