MENU A/S Cool Coat Bottle Cooler, in White and Neo Purple


Help keep the atmosphere chilled this summer -

The sun is out, the sky is blue and it’s time to enjoy a relaxing glass of wine in the garden or on a picnic. This stylishly practical White & Purple Cool Coat has thankfully been created for Menu A/S by Jakob Wagner as a way to keep your specially selected Pinot Grigio, or Chardonnay etc refreshing chilled.

Menu Coal coat group

The Cool Coat consists of a fabric cover with a removable cool gel insert. Simply chill the cool gel in the freezer and then insert it into the fabric cover before you place your chosen bottle of wine inside. The Cool Jacket will then either keep your already chilled wine at a desirably cool temperature for more than an hour or cool a room temperature bottle of wine by 10’C in around 15 minutes.

This White and Neo Purple Cool Coat looks as fresh and crisp as your favourite summer wine. With the wine taken care of you can concentrate on the important issues such as relaxing...

Product Code: 4658079
Dimensions: H: 27.0cm
Material: Textile, Cooling Gel

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