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A refreshing and adaptable way to feed your feathered friends -

The Cone Feeder String by Pernille Vea provides a refreshing and adaptable method of feeding birds in your garden. Simplicity is the key here and the feeder string consists of two conical frosted glass weights linked with a soft black rubber cord.

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The hard plastic tips at each end of the cord make it easy to thread anything from apples, to bags of nuts, or fat balls etc enabling you to quickly and easily test which option is best for attraction your favoured avian friends.

The feeder string brings a wonderfully decorative quality to the garden and can easily be wound around branches, hung over fences or draped over hooks on the patio – the options are many and varied, the results fresh and appealing…

Product Code: 4747069

Dimensions: Length 140cm

Finish-Type: Frosted

Material: Frost proof glass, synthetic rubber and plastic

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