Alessi FM04SET E-LI-LI 4-Tea Spoon set


Specifically designed for the Alessi E-Li-Li mocha cups -

The Alessi FM04 set of 4 spoons have been specifically created for the E-LI-LI mocha cups with saucers and evolved from the unveiling of the Alessi "Tea & Coffee Towers" in 2003. Twenty two international architects were invited to offer proposals for the design of a tea and coffee set. This creative experiment precipitated some novel ideas and because of the staggeringly high production costs of the sets, most were destined for museum and wealthy patron collections.

Alberto Alessi was apparently eager to utilize some of these inspired concepts as part of Alessi's regular production. He invited Massimiliano and Doriana Fuksas to create the E-LI-LI range from the aesthetic research they had completed.

The elegant and subtle forms displayed in the E-LI-LI cups and saucers are taken to new heights with these spoon designs – Never did we think that we would be so enthusiastic about tea spoons… These designs once again demonstrate Alessi’s ability to blur the boundaries between art and design. The attention to detail is beautifully displayed beyond just the form, with the mirror polished outer surfaces contrasting exquisitely with the matt inner surfaces.

A must for any Alessi enthusiast…

Product Code: Alessi FM04SET
Dimensions: Length: 11.0cm
Finish-Type: Mirror Polished
Material: 18/10 Stainless Steel

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