Alessi Cico Egg Cup, by Stefano Giovannoni

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Great for the children, or the child in you -

Stefano Giovannoni brings a splash of colour and sense of fun to the humble boiled egg, with the ever so charming Cico egg cup.

Alessi Cico Egg Cup by Stefano Giovannoni - Crack up with this egg cup...

Alessi Cico egg cup - a great breakfast buddy...

Your boiled egg rests on his head while he holds your spoon and his hat is a convenient saltshaker.

Is this a case of 'fun following function' - who cares, the kids (and adults) love them!...

Product Code: Alessi ASG23
Dimensions: height: 11.5cm, length: 8.0cm, width: 9.0cm
Material: PMMA Thermoplastic Resin

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