Iittala High Quality Glass Jar - 80mm Light Blue, 1 Piece


Beautiful high-quality colourful storage solutions from Iittala -

These light blue jars are the latest high quality Iittala Glass Jars are a real favourite here at dream icons - beautiful, stackable, and exceptionally well made. Designed for you to mix and match the colours that are added to the range each year, these designs have been created to stand the test of time. The mouth-blown glass jars are a league above every other glass jar that we have encountered – and we’ve encountered lot…

These air-tight glass jars turn the problem of storage into a solution of display and decoration. As with all Iittala products the quality of the glass is second to none and the quality of the design work is another success from Pentagon Design.

These particular jars have a glass piece that is 6.5cm high and 8.0cm in diameter and come in the gorgeous light blue colour.

Iittala Jar in cobalt blue 85mm x 65mm at Dream Icons

The Iittala Jars provide premium quality and a visual delight...

The light blue glass is the same blue as was seen on the sensational Aalto vase and demonstrates that Iittala believe in creating designs that work together harmoniously in your home – or if you are cynical you could say that they know a good thing when they see it… It doesn’t really matter the result is the same – great designs, beautifully made in stunning colours that will enrich the feel of your home.

Great gifts for a wedding or for those who enjoy making their home feel special with an eye for design and a desire for quality…

Product Code: 6411920056369
Dimensions: H: 6.5cm, Diameter of glass 8.0cm
Finish-Type: Gloss
Material: High Quality Mouth Blown Glass, Plastic Top

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