Absolute Appetite Boules Tumblers - Set of 2


Striking, beautifully crafted and with�a touch of playfulness -

These distinctive tumblers by�Ingrid Ruegemer are perfect for that laid-back tipple of port, or brandy at end of an entertaining evening with good friends. The tumblers are beautifully weighted and perfect for appreciating the aromatic charms of your favourite amber nectar.

These wonderfully tactile pieces are examples of fine German craftsmanship and each piece is mouth blown and hand finished, by one of the premier German glass manufacturers.

Ingrid Ruegemer's evocative champagne flute concept demonstrates great design flair and caught the attention of Dream Icons.

Ingrid Ruegemer's evocative champagne flute concept�

The tumblers have delicate hand cut lenses for your little pinkies and the slightly off-centred base on the bottom adds another playful element to these engaging designs.

The Absolute Appetite Boules also arrive in an attractive presentation box...

Product Code: AbAp Boules Tumblers

Dimensions: H:11.0cm, Diam: 9.5cm

Finish-Type: Gloss

Material: Glass

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