Iittala Essence Champagne Glasses, by Alfredo Haberli - 2 PIECES


Beautiful modern champagne flutes for celebrating in style -

The Iittala Essence champagne glasses offer a beautifully realised modern interpretation of a traditional silhouette. These tall, slender and oh, so elegant beauties look equally at home in a formal or casual setting.

Those refined lines are the result of a designer with a great eye for detail. Alfredo Häberli has for example, designed the foot to be pulled as the glass is being formed - not added after the fact, as on most wine glasses. The result is that there is no obtrusive little bump at the bottom of the stem interrupting those gorgeous clean lines.


Like all Iittala glasses these designs are produced to a wonderfully high quality and are optically very clear. While the glass is dishwasher safe, we recommend hand washing stemmed glasses.

Each glass is beautifully balanced and feels extremely comfortable in hand. With a timeless beauty and elegance that is hard to match, these designs are worthy of a place in your home and are perfect for any celebration…

Product Code: 1008576
Dimensions: H: 23.0cm, Vol: 21.0cl
Finish-Type: Gloss
Material: Glass

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