Eva Solo DripFree Tea Maker, Chocolate Brown Neoprene Cover 1.0L


Striking, innovative and incredibly desirable -

Tea pots don't come much more stylish or contemporary than the Chocolate Brown Eva Solo Tea Maker.

Building on the innovative and successful cafésolo concept, this new variation on the theme deals with the nation's favourite beverage from the leaf rather than the bean.

The Tea Maker possesses a more curvy and ample figure than its cousin and is just as pleasing to the eye. The tea leaves can be added directly into the glass flask and allowed to remain in the hot water, as in a traditional teapot.

Alternatively, they can be placed into the central filter and then pouring in the boiling water. Once the infusion time has passed we have found it beneficial to remove the filter unit and replace it when the leaves have been discarded.

You can also try the recommended method of using the plunger to halt the brewing process, but we have found removing the leaves altogether works best.

The Tea Maker also benefits from Eva Solo's patented drip-free pouring lip and nifty tip-up lid that opens automatically when pouring.

That striking neoprene jacket does more than just look great - thanks to the exceptional insulation qualities of the material, your tea is kept nice and hot, for much longer than we expected. A great modern Scandinavian Design that is perfect for making the perfect cuppa in your modern home.

Product Code: Eva Solo 567543

Dimensions: H:19.0 x Dia:14.5cm 1.0 litre

Material: Glass, Stainless Steel, Silicone Rubber, Neoprene

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