Alessi JT01 Dear Charlie Banana Holder

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Store your bananas in style -

It's apparently best to keep bananas away from other fruit to prevent them over-ripening too quickly and a banana tree is a great way to store your healthy bendy friend. Now let's be honest, this is pricey item and you may want to know why it costs so much for what looks like a simple shape (we know that we did). The answer is quite simple - It is sooo beautifully made that we think it is worth every penny (and we take a lot of convincing)...

Designed by John Truex, the Alessi Dear Charlie banana holder is a beautiful piece of artisan craftsmanship - There is no hint of a join line between the pieces and the mirror polished finish just looks so sharp and clean. The design is reassuringly weighty in order to keep those bendy yellow fruit nice and stable as they wait to be plucked by passers by. It perfectly offsets your granite surfaces and yes, after seeing one in t he flesh we had to buy one for our own kitchen as well as stock it at Dream Icons - Can there be a more heart felt recommendation?

Please note that that this item should be washed by hand.

Product Code: Alessi RT01
Dimensions: H: 28.0cm, L: 16.5cm, W: 9.0cm
Finish-Type: Mirror Polished
Material: Chrome plated zamak and a rubber base piece,

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