Alessi Grind - Salt, Pepper and Spice grinder BLACK

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Stunning cast aluminium designs that exude quality -

The Alessi Grind salt, pepper and spice grinders made us give out an involuntary 'Ooooo!' as we opened the box. These designs already captured our attention with those arresting and some might say architectural looks - but it was a real delight to discover how well made they are. They have a reassuring weight as you handle them and the mechanism is a high quality ceramic affair.

The designs enable the user to change the grind quality from coarse to fine and when not in use the mechanism sits pointing upwards so that there is no mess left on the table.

William Alsop and Federrico Grazzini have created a couple of excellent designs here for Alessi and they could make an ideal gift for those who appreciate design.

Product Code: Alessi Grind Black
Dimensions: H: 14.2cm, W: 7.5cm, D: 7.5cm
Finish-Type: Black

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