Alessi GCH01 Tripod Trivet


A novel and playful solution for the humble trivet -

Gabriele Chiave has dreamt up a space saving way to keep that trivet at hand for when you need it in a hurry.

Looking like no other sort of trivet design on the market the Alessi Tripod Trivet provides flexibility and a visual appeal that has generated many admirers of the design.

Possibly owing some inspiration to the game ‘jacks’ this design will support a pot, oven dish, or a serving plate of varying shapes and sizes. Simply arrange the little stars on the table or work top and rest the utensil on top, as shown in the image.

The stars are connected using a chain and this helps to keep the design appealingly compact when being stored away, or it can easily be hung from a hook on your utensil rack.

Product Code: Alessi GCH01
Dimensions: L: 60.0cm, W: 3.2cm, H:3.2cm
Finish-Type: Mirror Finish
Material: Chrome Plated Zamak

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