Alessi 9093 Kettle With Bird in Azure, by Michael Graves


An inspired design icon that deserves a place in your home -

Designs don't come much more iconic than the Alessi Hob Kettle With Bird by Michael Graves. This wonderful design has a timeless quality that enabled it to become one of Alessi's most popular designs; a position that it retains to this present day.

Although originally created for Alessi way back in 1985, few present-day designs can match the bird kettle for fresh and contemporary looks. Michael Graves has created a very distinctive style that blends influences from various sources, ranging from Art Deco to American pop, and some believe also includes flashes of pre-Columbian culture. To be honest, that is all academic, the only question that needs an answer is - 'is this design worthy of a place in my home?' and the answer is a resounding 'YES!'

Alessi Bird Hob Kettle at Dream Icons Text Image

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Graves adds an appealing sense of fun to this iconic Alessi design with that enigmatic little bird and its soft melodic whistle to let you know that the water is boiling. Apparently, the teapot design is one of his favourite designs that he has created and it is hard to disagree.

This design is also beautifully built, as you would expect from Alessi and as Graves explains, Finding people to make (products) is not hard, - Finding people to make them well is something else.

The playful design style revealed in the bird kettle has evolved into a successful range of family products for Alessi and some of best can be seen below.

A great gift for anyone with a passion for design...

Product Code: Alessi 9093AZ
Dimensions: H: 22.5cm, Diam: 22.0cm, Capacity 2.0l
Finish-Type: Gloss
Material: 18/10 Polished Stainless Steel With Polyamide Handle & Bird

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