Alessi DUL02 32BT Featherlight Double bowl, in BLACK

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Black is the new black for the classic Alessi fruit bowl design -

The Double fruit bowl has been an Alessi classic for some time now and this latest evolution really hits the mark. It's like discovering that a sequel to a film is as good as the original... Here we see Alessi bring colour and texture to the double walled bowl design with this black coloured design. Like the original its a design that brings out the best of what is placed inside it.

The Alessi Double large fruit bowl - Donato D'Urbino, and Paolo Lomazzi have produced a sublimely elegant design that would make a great present for any occasion.

Here's what Alessi say about the design:

'Granulation is a specific finish applied to the metal surface, which reinterprets an ancient goldsmithing technique with an industrial twist. The arrangement of the granules follows a geometric order generated by the Fibonacci sequence, named after the Italian mathematician who identified the numerical code behind the Golden Ratio, one of the main principles that governs shapes in nature'

To be honest, we're not sure what they are saying - but we adore the results. This new Alessi classic is a wonderfully poised design that would make a perfect wedding, or anniversary present...

Product Code: Alessi DUL02/32BT
Dimensions: 32.0cm, H: 7.3cm
Material: 18/10 Steel covered in textured epoxy resin

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