Alessi RK01 Mysqueeze Citrus Squeezer, by Roland Kreiter


A new iconic citrus juicer for the new millenium - This is our last piece of this wonderful design, which is no longer in production

The Alessi ‘Mysqueeze’ citrus squeezer by Roland Kreiter blurs the boundry between art and design in a similar way to that of the ‘Juicy Salif’ by Philippe Starck did some 20 years earlier. It should come as no surprise to learn that it was Starck himself that spotted the design at the 2009 Pure Creativity competition and enthusiastically whisked it away to Alessi so that it could become the heir to his own earlier design icon.

Alessi RK01 Citrus Squeezer text image

Enjoy the health benefits of fresh lemon along with the sculptural benefits of the Alessi Mysqueeze citrus squeezer

This mirror-polished, stainless steel citrus squeezer is simply gorgeous and like the Juicy Salif before it, looks stunning as a piece of sculpture in its own right...

Please note that this item is not dishwasher safe.

Product Code: Alessi RK01
Dimensions: Length: 13.0cm
Material: 18/10 Stainless Steel
Finish-Type: Gloss

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