Alessi AB13 Scoiattolo Nut Cracker (Squirrel) , by Andrea Branzi


A real Nutcracker Sweet -

The Alessi Scoiattolo Nutcracker is a wonderfully playful design by Andrea Branzi that is bursting with personality. Scoiattolo is Italian for 'squirrel’ and this handsome little fellow with prove almost as charming as having our native red squirrels in the garden.

As we all know nuts are full of goodness and by eating a mixture of nuts, you will get a variety of important vitamins and minerals. The Alessi Scoiattolo is the perfect way to crack open those shells and get to the treasure inside and is ideal to keep on show when not in use.

The Alessi Scoiattolo is beautifully crafted from 18/10 polished stainless steel and solid wood and has earned a place in the revered Alessi Officina range, making this a great gift for any occasion...

Product Code: Alessi AB13
Dimensions: L: 19.0cm, W:7.0cm, H: 24.0cm
Finish-Type: Gloss
Material: 18/10 Mirror Polished Stainless Steel And Solid Wood Base

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